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All is quiet on the bitcoiern front: TL;DR Jan 9

Jan 09, 2023
byNDAX Labs

📢 Weekly TL;DR -  Jan 9

  • BTC and ETH rise steadily w/w
  • Argentina’s new leading presidential candidate is pro-bitcoin
  • Dust settles following layoffs/restructuring in big tech: Crypto and fintech, no exception.

📝 Moves

  • Bitcoin (BTC) +3.1%
  • Ether (ETH) +7.4%

📊 Market Overview

Bitcoin's (governmental, institutional, widespread) adoption---or that of any exponential new tech:

"Gradually, then suddenly." - Ernest Hemingway

Argentina’s leading Presidential candidate–an economist by trade Javier Milei–came out a few evenings ago as pro-bitcoin. (In a country that has repeatedly had to turn to the IMF for assistance in resetting its economy--for cause of over a half dozen cases of hyperinflation since the 1970s), this may come as a very promising development for the Argentinian people.

Just last March 2022–as a condition of their most recent loan from the IMF–the Argentine Senate, Congress and Central Bank were required to curtail Argentine citizens' access to crypto, thus effectively blocking off any safe-haven exit from the hyperinflating peso to those--most!--who could not afford to store their wealth in tangible goods like stocks and real-estate).

Javier Milei said of Bitcoin: “It prevents politicians from robbing you through inflation”. Here, here! (...To renegotiating a more favourable deal for the Argentine people in 24-30 months.)

While the Bitcoin mining industry remains under duress, if the network hash rate is any indicator (high as it is); the world may be waking up to the inalienable properties of the world’s largest open computer network. Secular, uncensorable. And that to me sounds like a pretty solid start to 2023.

Have a great week friends–hope you’re stackin’ sats!

- Yours in the #hodl

📈 Bitcoin Technical Analysis

  • Bitcoin has remained almost completely flat week over week
  • The longer it stays at this price, the more solid the support.
  • As coins continue to exchange hands at this price level (8 weeks and counting), more new (and old) market participants are solidified in their current (or new) positions.

Support and resistance levels remain largely the same going into 2023,

  • Resistance levels: $24,500 $26,000
  • Support levels: $22,000 $21,000

📻 News


  • Bitcoin's mining industry is in survival mode. What's in the cards for 2023? – The Block
  • BTC price forms new support at $16.8K as Bitcoin lures whales – Cointelegraph


  • Fed: FTX Collapse Didn’t Pose Broader Market Risk to Financial System – BlockWorks
  • Rise of Argentina’s Bukele? Leading Pres. Candidate Preaches Bitcoin – Bitcoinist


  • Funding Wrap: 2023’s First Crypto Startup Raises – Blockworks
  • Aptos-based multisig wallet Msafe raises $5 million led by Jump Crypto – The Block

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📰 Reading

  • For the US, Bitcoin is a National Security Opportunity, Not a Threat – Bitcoin Magazine
  • Fiji’s New Pro-Bitcoin PM Ponders Legal Tender Bill: Report – Bitcoin Magazine

📅 Events

  • Jan 12: US CPI
  • Jan 18: US PPI
  • Jan 27: Bitcoin Futures Expiration

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