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Feb 23, 2024
byNDAX Labs

Powering the Future of Decentralized Graphics and Video Rendering 

Render Network (RNDR—the latest token addition to your favourite Canadian crypto trading platform) brings an innovative, decentralized solution to the challenge of digital-era video and graphics computing. By leveraging blockchain technology and crypto incentives, Render facilitates the sharing of unused GPU power for rendering motion graphics and visual effects. Here's what you need to know about this exciting new coin listing on the NDAX platform. 

Render Network Overview

Render operates on a peer-to-peer network, allowing individuals to contribute their unused GPU power in exchange for Render (RNDR) tokens. These tokens serve as the native utility currency of the Render Network. 

Why RENDER Matters

Render addresses the growing demand for high-quality 3D rendering in various industries, from entertainment, gaming and AI to industrial applications and the emerging metaverse. By tapping into underutilized computer power, Render simplifies and accelerates the rendering process, making it an essential tool for next-generation digital products and services.   

Key Features of RENDER

1. Scalability: Render's decentralized network can scale to meet the demands of any project, thanks to its automated reputation and job assignment system. 

2. Optionality: Users have the flexibility to choose between different service tiers, allowing for enhanced operational efficiency. 

3. IP Protection: Render ensures the protection of creators' rights through blockchain-enabled record-keeping and encryption, providing a secure and transparent platform for digital rendering. 

Render's Governance System

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and OctaneRender technology, Render utilizes a Proof-of-Render (PoR) governance system to determine user reputation scores. This system ensures fair and efficient job allocation based on users' performance and reputation within the network. 

How to Use RENDER

- Creating a Job: Users can upload GPU-based rendering tasks to Render's platform, specifying key parameters and selecting the desired service tier. 

- Assigning a Job: Render's multi-tier pricing protocol automatically assigns suitable jobs to node operators based on their reputation scores and performance capabilities. 

- Completing Payment: All transactions on Render are conducted in RNDR tokens, with payments released to node operators upon job completion. 

RNDR Tokenomics

RNDR serves as the primary means of exchange on the Render Network, with a total supply capped at 536,870,912 tokens. The platform recently introduced RNDR Credits, providing a more user-friendly payment option for non-technical creators. 

Circulating Supply:  

  • 156m RNDR 

Total Supply:  

  • 522m RNDR 

Max Supply:  

  • 536m RNDR 

RNDR Token Allocation:  

  • 25% sold (early investors/contributors)  
  • 10% in the RNDR Reserve 
  • 65% in escrow* (for supply/demand flowback to the network) 

Render History

Jules Urbach is the founder and CEO of The Render Network, a prominent figure in computer graphics, streaming, 3D rendering, and cloud computing with over 70 patents and 25 years of industry experience. Recognized for his leadership and innovation. Urbach is also the founder and CEO of OTOY, a company known for its groundbreaking GPU cloud graphics and CGI technologies. He drives the strategic direction and vision of both companies, leveraging his expertise to shape their technology roadmaps. Before founding OTOY, Urbach pioneered the web's first 3D video game platform, licensed to leading companies such as Macromedia, Disney, Warner Brothers, Microsoft and AT&T.

In Conclusion

Render Network offers a decentralized solution to the growing demand for GPU rendering power. With its innovative/decentralized/peer-to-peer approach to digital rendering and robust governance system, Render is poised to revolutionize the way we create and interact with 3D graphics in the digital realm. 

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