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Introducing the Mobile App Price Widget: Track crypto prices on-the-go!

May 02, 2024
byNDAX Labs

In today's fast-paced world, staying updated on the latest trends and prices in the cryptocurrency market is essential for investors, traders, and enthusiasts alike. We are excited to unveil our latest feature for both iOS and Android users—the Mobile App Price Widget. The widget is designed to offer real-time cryptocurrency pricing directly on your mobile device's home screen without the need to open the full app. 

Key Benefits of the Mobile App Price Widget 

Real-time Updates 

The cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility and rapid changes. Our widget addresses this by providing real-time updates, ensuring you have the most current market data right at your fingertips.  

Customization Options

Personalization is key in creating an app that feels like it's truly yours. With our widget, you can customize the display to show prices for specific cryptocurrencies of your choosing. Whether you are monitoring Bitcoin, Ethereum, or smaller altcoins, our widget lets you tailor your experience to suit your needs. 

Compact Display 

We understand the importance of efficiency and space management on mobile devices. The Mobile App Price Widget is designed to be compact, enabling you to view crucial pricing information without overwhelming your screen. This functionality allows you to keep an eye on the crypto market while using other apps, making multitasking smooth and seamless. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The widget features an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, catering to users of all levels of crypto experience. This simplicity ensures that everyone—from beginner traders to seasoned investors—can utilize and benefit from the widget. 

Enhanced Security 

Security is paramount, especially when dealing with financial information. Our widget ensures the protection of your data with robust encryption and security measures, safeguarding your sensitive information while you monitor the crypto market. 

Widget Options and Customization 

Our Mobile App Price Widget comes with flexible options to fit your needs: 

Multiple Widget Sizes: Choose between a compact square or an extended landscape layout to best fit your screen and visibility preferences. 

Selectable Coin Options: Our mobile app widget currently displays 1 or 3 coins. 

Easy Edit Feature: Customizing your widget is just a tap away. Press on the widget and select 'Edit Widget' to access customization settings. Here, coins are listed, and by tapping on their names, a dropdown menu appears, allowing you to select which coins to display. Your widget is fully customizable to your preferences. 


The Mobile App Price Widget is more than just a tool. By integrating this widget, you gain the power to stay informed with the latest market data, all from the convenience of your mobile device's home screen. Try it today and transform how you interact with the crypto market! 


How to Get Started 

For Android Users 

  1. Unlock Your Android Device: Ensure your Android device is unlocked and on the home screen.
  2. Long Press on Home Screen: Long press on an empty space on your home screen. This action will typically bring up options for customization.
  3. Select "Widgets" or "Add Widgets": Look for an option labeled "Widgets" or "Add Widgets" in the customization menu.
  4. Browse NDAX Price Widgets: Scroll through the list of available widgets. Find the NDAX app widget and the specific price widget you want to add.
  5. Select and Place the Widget: Once you locate the widget you want, press and hold it. Drag it to your desired location on the home screen.
  6. Configure Settings: Follow the on-screen instructions to customize the widget according to your preferences and choose the coins you want to see.
  7. Complete the Process: Tap outside the widget to complete the process. The widget should now be visible on your home screen, providing cryptocurrency price information, showing the last time data was updated. To force an update and get the latest price on the chosen coins, push the update button on the widget!

For iOS Users (iOS 17+) 

  1. Unlock Your iOS Device: Ensure your device is unlocked and on the home screen. 
  2. Enter 'Jiggle' Mode: Press and hold an app icon until everything starts to wiggle. 
  3. Open the Widget Gallery: Tap the "+" icon in the upper-left corner to open the widget gallery. 
  4. Select NDAX Price Widget: Find and choose the NDAX price widget for displaying 1 or 3 coins. 
  5. Place the Widget: Drag and drop the widget to your desired spot. 
  6. Customize Settings: Choose your preferred cryptocurrencies to display. 
  7. Exit and Enjoy: Tap outside to exit "jiggle" mode and enjoy real-time crypto price updates. 

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