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Trading With NDAX Will Cost You Less

Mar 11, 2024
byNDAX Labs

Welcome to NDAX: The Premier Destination for all your Canadian Crypto needs. 

Why is NDAX your best option for buying and crypto in Canada? Sure, we have world-class customer service and robust functionality. But did you know we can also quantify our benefits? 

Well, let's dive in.

What sets us apart? 

Most importantly, at NDAX we pride ourselves on transparency and accessibility. Unlike some other platforms, we don't charge any fees for deposits. (It’s true!) And when it comes to trading, our trade fee (commission) is a mere 0.2%—regardless of the size of your trade. (Now, you’ll want to DYOR—do your own research—of course, but for reference, 0.2% trading commission isn’t just low in Canada, it’s globally competitive. Many platforms charge 5 to 10x more.)  

Next, our staking commission is only 20%, offering you a cost-effective way to maximize your returns. (Again, 20% is an ultra-competitive commission... And that’s on top of some of the highest staking yields not just in Canada, but again, globally.) We are not playing around. 

Now, let's talk about the true cost of trading. While some platforms boast about having "no fees," the reality is that there's always a cost involved. How else do they keep the lights on? It's essential to look beyond the marketing hype and consider factors like the spread and staking commissions in addition to the fees.  

Don't just take our word for it. Crunch the numbers yourself and compare them with other platforms. Typically, what many exchanges or trading platforms do is charge you a hefty commission on each trade, on top of a healthy markup on the spread. Often, they’ll even advertise “free trades” while quietly capturing a 1-2% spread (the difference between buy and sell prices). 1-2%? Yes, while our spread is 0.2%! Which rate would you rather pay? 

At NDAX, we believe in full transparency. We're confident that you'll see the value of trading with us, which is why we provide clear information about our fees and commissions, including: 

- Free deposits 

- A low trading fee of only 0.2% 

- A staking commission of just 20% 

- Higher-than-average APY (average percentage yield) for staking 

- Affiliate payments with commissions on all revenue earned through referral links 

- Competitive crypto withdrawal fees, with E-transfer ($1.50) and EFT ($4.99) CAD withdrawal options 

We always encourage newcomers to DYOR and compare NDAX with other platforms. We're confident that our competitive fees and commitment to transparency will make us your top choice for crypto trading. 

Join NDAX now and take control of your financial future. 

Or if you’re ready to join, sign up today and experience the future of crypto trading in Canada.  

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