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NDAX Launches Interac e-Transfer Withdrawals | Withdraw Your CAD for Less

Mar 06, 2024
byNDAX Labs


In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, access to quick, secure, and cost-effective withdrawal methods is crucial for traders. That is why we are thrilled to introduce Interac e-Transfer withdrawals, offering NDAX users an efficient way to access their funds. This new feature complements our existing Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) option, providing more flexibility and choice for our users.

Why Interac e-Transfer Withdrawals?

Interac e-Transfer is a widely used payment method known for its speed and convenience. By integrating Interac e-Transfer withdrawals, we make it easier for users to convert their crypto assets into CAD and send their CAD funds into their bank accounts within minutes, making it easier for users to manage their finances.

  • Cost-Effective: At just $1.50 per transaction, Interac e-Transfer withdrawals are economical for users withdrawing smaller amounts.
  • Quick Access: Processed withdrawals typically reach your bank account within 0-30 minutes, offering you rapid access to your funds.
  • Convenience: With Interac e-Transfer, you can withdraw up to $3,000 per transaction directly to your bank account any time of the day, any day of the year - 24/7, 365 days a year.

How to Withdraw Using Interac e-Transfer

  1. Visit NDAX.io and log into your account.
  2.  Click on the "WITHDRAW" option at the top of your dashboard.
  3. Select CAD and then click "SEND".
  4. Select "INTERAC E-TRANSFER" from the options.
  5. Type the amount you wish to withdraw or select "MAX" to withdraw the maximum allowed per e-Transfer. (Max $3,000 per E-Transfer withdrawal)
  6. Click "WITHDRAW"
  7. Enter the six-digit 2FA authentication code generated in your 2FA authenticator app
  8. Confirm your withdrawal via email

Comparing Withdrawal Options: Interac e-Transfer vs. EFT Deposits

Comparison Table
Feature Interac e-Transfer EFT Deposits
Fees $1.50 per transaction $4.99 flat fee
Speed Within 0-30 minutes 0-1 business days
Ideal For Withdrawals less than $3,000 Withdrawals over $3,000
Accessibility Direct to bank account Direct to bank account

EFT Deposits - Ideal for Larger Withdrawals

  • Cost: A flat fee of $4.99.
  • Best for: Withdrawals over $3,000.
  • Please Note: EFT withdrawals are subject to banking hours, making it the go-to option for larger transactions that aren't time-sensitive.

 Interac e-Transfer - Fast and Affordable

  • Cost: Only $1.50 per transaction.
  • Best for: Withdrawals less than $3,000.
  • Speed: Once processed, receive your funds within 30 minutes - making it perfect for quick access to your money.


The addition of Interac e-Transfer withdrawals to NDAX's suite of services marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing user-centric financial solutions. 

We're excited to continue evolving and enhancing our platform to better serve the Canadian crypto community. Happy trading!

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide investment, legal, accounting, tax or any other advice and should not be relied on in that or any other regard. The information contained herein is for information purposes only and is not to be construed as an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of cryptocurrencies or otherwise.