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Casa Releases Lightning Node Mobile App

Aug 10, 2019
byOmar Abbas

Casa’s newly launched Sats App is designed for Bitcoin newbies and intended to make it easier to manage your lightning node on the go. The unique mobile app will soon allow you to earn small amounts of Bitcoin through a soon-to-be-released rewards program, all while managing your lightning node. Casa’s goal is to assist first-time users from earning their first bitcoin to managing a lightning node – all under one mobile app.

“Features are focused on increasing adoption of bitcoin and lightning nodes,” said Casa CEO Jeremy Welch in an exclusive interview with Coindesk. “You will be able to earn bitcoin if you don’t have a Casa node, but you will be able to earn bitcoin faster if you have a node.”

According to Coindesk, the Casa has raised over $3.5 million in VC funding including Boost VC and Compound. Casa’s mobile app users are located around the world and will be given priority access to the new app later this week. The app’s public release will be available to the rest of the public later this month.

“It’s a lightweight app, but allows you to experience the full gamut – from earning your first sats to operating a full node from your phone. It’s private, secure and connects over Tor,” says Welch. ‘Sats’ is an abbreviation of Satoshis, which is where the name of Casa’s mobile app originated from. Casa’s new rewards program will offer fractions of a bitcoin called Satoshis.