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Catalonia Announces a Blockchain-Based Identity Platform for its Citizens

Sep 09, 2019
byOmar Abbas

Catalonia, an autonomous Spanish community located in the northeast corner of Spain, announced it will build a blockchain identity platform designed to offer its citizens full control of their private personal information when conducting online services.

Dubbed IdentiCAT, the Catalan government said in their press release that “The ‘IdentiCAT’ will be the first digital identity at European level, which will be driven by the public sphere and managed by citizens themselves with the aim of becoming standard use in Catalonia.” While the Catalan government will serve as the validator for the network, they will not be collecting the personal information as part of the platform due to its decentralized nature.

The government said that it will enable its citizens to “create and manage their own identities, with full legal effectiveness and privacy” using mobile apps on their cellular devices and tablets. For example, someone can utilize the app to prove they are of legal age. According the press release, IdentiCAT enables users to conduct electronic transactions and other online services in any country within the European Union (EU).

Once the platform is up and running and the tools for creating self-sovereign IDs are fully tested, IdentiCAT will be offered to the Catalan citizens, corporations, and public entities.