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Moscow to Build a Blockchain Platform to Boost Transparency and Efficiency

Aug 15, 2019
byOmar Abbas

Moscow is working on a blockchain system that will host the capital city’s administrative services. According to Open Media, the Information Technologies Department of Moscow has launched an auction for companies to bid on creating an Ethereum-based blockchain system that will offer the electronic services currently provided to Moscow’s residents. The initial costs associated with building the blockchain platform is expected to be 57 million Rubles, or approximately US$860,000.

The successful bidder will be required to develop a solution that automates the electronic services of Moscow City Hall based on blockchain technology. The types of services that Russia’s capital is looking to host on the new platform includes issuing certificates of home ownership and other documents relating to property owners. Once a successful bidder has been selected, the build out of the platform is expected to take up to 60 days after the agreement has been signed.

The Ethereum-based platform is also expected to integrate with additional blockchain projects currently being experimented by the City of Moscow including a voting platform called Active Citizen, which has been testing since 2017.

Ultimately, Moscow’s goal is to ensure “transparency of the mechanisms for the provision of electronic services”, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.