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Samsung Integrates Bitcoin to Its Blockchain-Enabled Smartphones

Aug 14, 2019
byOmar Abbas

Just months after Samsung launched a “Blockchain Keystore” that offered cryptocurrency private key storage for Ethereum (ETH) and other related ERC-20 tokens, the South Korean tech giant has now integrated support for Bitcoin (BTC) on its blockchain-enabled Galaxy S10 smartphone. Samsung has integrated Bitcoin features to its developer kit, SDK, for its S10 models including S10e, S10+, Note10 and Note10+ mobile devices; enabling these smartphones to link their Blockchain Keystore to other blockchain addresses and sign cryptocurrency transactions.

The new feature is limited to the following jurisdictions: South Korea, Switzerland, U.S., UK, Canada, Germany, and Spain.

Samsung has also added over a dozen new decentralized applications (DApps) in its Blockchain Keystore. After launching earlier this year, the Blockchain Keystore has quickly expanded its offering to 17 apps from its original offering of four which included a billing app, social media app, a game, and a password wallet.

“Although other companies have not done so yet, we have already made a blockchain wallet and released it,” said Samsung in a statement to Coindesk Korea. The firm has also suggested it may ultimately launch its own blockchain token.