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Shoppers Drug Mart Will Leverage Blockchain to Onboard Doctors and Offer Medicinal Marijuana Prescriptions

Aug 12, 2019
byOmar Abbas

Blockchain will likely play a key role into Shoppers Drug Mart’s medical cannabis plans as the full-service retail drug store has inked a deal with TruTrace Technologies to track cannabis from seed to final product and packaging. Ken Weisbrod, Vice-President of Business Development of Shoppers Drug Mart made the announcement this week at the World Cannabis Congress in St. John, NB. Leveraging tools like blockchain technology could make Canada a global leader in the medical cannabis space as it enables legal pot to be fully traceable and ultimately provides assurance to doctors when prescribing to patients as a treatment.

“About 6,000 to 7,000 clinicians in the country are prescribing on a regular basis. There about 85,000 physicians in the country. The majority have not embraced this drug yet,” said Weisbrod in a statement on Monday. “This initiative should help researches and clinicians to match therapeutic outcomes to specific genetic and chemical profiles, and provide physicians, pharmacists, and patients with greater confidence in the products they prescribe or consume.”

While Shoppers only provides medical cannabis to patients located in Ontario and Alberta, the pharmacy retailer plans to expand into other provinces within the coming months.