Referral Program

NDAX's affiliate program allows users to be rewarded for signing up friends. 10% of trading fees generated by a user who signs up through your affiliate link will be credited to your account on the first of every month.


  • New signups only.
  • Each referee must sign up through the referrer's affiliate link.
  • Each referrer may only have one account.
  • 10% of trading fees generated by the referee will be credited to the referrer's account on the 1st of each month.
  • NDAX reserves the right to adjust referral rewards such as fees and commissions and referral rules at any time.
  • Duplicate or fake accounts will result in a disqualification from the affiliate program.
  • *Update 5/28/2018

    Our affiliate program will begin it's first payout starting August 1st 2018. All trading fees generated before that date will be tracked and credited through to August 1st 2018.

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Referral Program