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Bad Crypto Podcast: Avoiding Crypto Scams

Aug 17, 2020
byNDAX Labs

Bad Crypto Podcast: Avoiding Crypto Scams with Julia Baranovskaya

Bad Crypto speaks with NDAX's Chief Compliance Officer,  Julia Baranovskaya, about how you could avoid crypto scams.

More about Julia Baranovskaya

Julia Baranovskaya is the Chief Compliance Officer at the National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX) in Calgary Alberta. Julia is a co-founding team member of NDAX and has worked alongside talented individuals for the last 3 years to build the company from concept to creation.

Julia is deeply involved in daily operations at NDAX and is responsible for implementing a robust compliance program and ensures adherence to all applicable rules. Her mission is to work closely with regulators to bring appropriate regulations for virtual currency markets, prevent the use of cryptocurrencies in money laundering, and combat fraud.

Before joining NDAX, Julia worked in several IIROC-registered firms including CIBC Wood Gundy and Altacorp Capital where she held positions including Compliance Officer. The combination of her legal and compliance background, sparked by her entrepreneurial spirit (she found a small agricultural operation in Kursk, Russia at the age of 17) drew her to blockchain and the digital asset class.

Julia Baranovskaya, NDAX's Chief Compliance Officer

Julia is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and anticipates certification by the end of 2020. She has completed many Canadian Securities Institute courses including Branch Manager, as well as Partners, directors, and officers Courses among others, and received a Certificate in Investment Dealer Compliance. Julia attended the Faculty of Law at the Institute of Economics and Law in Kursk Russia and is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Economics program at the University of Calgary.

Julia is active in the community and has been volunteering at the Foothills Hospital Auxiliary since 2003, where she holds the position of Treasurer. In her spare time, Julia participates in multiple fundraising efforts for numerous causes, travels, and spends time with her family.

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