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Who Let the Doge Out? A Viral Video That Caused a Purchasing Spree

Jul 13, 2020
byNDAX Labs

Who Let the Doge Out? A Viral Video That Caused a Purchasing Spree

This week, the Doge TikTok challenge made a big splash within the cryptocurrency world.

All it took was a one-minute TikTok video with the words from influencer James Galante, “Let's all get rich” for the price of Dogecoin to soar within hours of its posting. As reported from Business Insider, Galante claimed “they could all get rich” if enough people invest $25 in the coin. After that, the buying spree for dogecoin began.

First thing’s first, you might be wondering what Dogecoin even is. We break down, in our blog post the facts about the currency that started out as a joke, ‘What is Dogecoin (DOGE)?’.

So, what exactly happened this week? With more than 537,000 (and counting) views of the video from TikTok influencer James Galante, it skyrocketed related search interest for Dogecoin to ultimately reach trending status – so much so – that “the coin briefly hit its highest level since October 2018,” through this currency push according to Business Insider.

Dogecoin/CAD on July 08, 2020

Is this the case of what’s old is new again for the ‘meme of crypto? I.e. is it a repeat of Dogecoin investors starting a ‘pump and dump’? Or is there something bigger going on in the cryptocurrency world?

To say that more people know the name Dogecoin would be an understatement. According to Nairametrics “global search interest on ‘How to buy a dogecoin’ has skyrocketed from a score of 25 to 100, the highest possible search popularity score, over the past few days” with #dogecoin videos collecting millions of views and likes.

Because no limit exists for the amount of Dogecoin that can enter the market, this could affect the worth of Dogecoin over time and make the coin vulnerable to a correction.

Notably, during this spending hype, we saw a 24-hour volume change of 424111 units (as of July 10th) with a high of 0.00640.

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