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How to Give Crypto as a Gift This Holiday Season | NDAX

Dec 07, 2021
byNDAX Labs

December is the month of giving and receiving, and NDAX is here to help this holiday season!

On NDAX, you can now instantly give crypto as a gift to your friends and family with a customized greeting card and enjoy zero transaction fees. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of holiday-themed gift card templates and in three easy steps, your holiday gifting has been handled!

No busy malls, gift-wrapping or wondering if your presents will arrive on time! You’ll be able to gift someone your (or their) favourite cryptocurrencies, including, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and so many more.

All coins listed on NDAX that you purchase and/or currently hold in your NDAX wallet are available to send to friends and family this holiday season at no extra cost! With crypto gifting through NDAX, you can send $1 to $1,000 in crypto value per transaction, with a maximum of $5,000 per month.

Let’s Get Gifting: How to send crypto to a friend from NDAX

1. Click “Send Gift” from your NDAX dashboard (web app) or from the settings menu in NDAX’s iOS or Android mobile app.

2. Choose your event of choice including Christmas, New Year’s or a more general holiday-themed greeting.

3. Pick your favourite holiday card, choice of crypto, and amount of crypto.

Writing a sincere or cheesy message is always suggested, but completely optional.

4. Confirm sending the gift!

Your crypto gift will be deposited directly into the recipient’s account within seconds if the recipient is already a registered NDAX account holder.

If the recipient is not signed up on NDAX - don’t worry, they will receive an email with instructions on how to set-up their account. We’ve made the process quick and simple for them to sign up!

The funds will be returned to you if the recipient is unable to meet the requirements.

To Gift Crypto this Holiday:

Login to https://ndax.io

- Click SEND Gift
- Choose Event
- Pick your choice of holiday greetings card
- Click SEND
- A confirmation message will appear, confirming the details of the transaction, and Agree to the Disclaimer
- You will confirm with 2-factor authentication If you would like to see the status of your gift, on your account activity panel, click TRACK NOW.

The Finer Details of Crypto Gifting

The recipient will receive an email letting them know you sent a crypto gift.

If the recipient’s email does not match any NDAX user account, they will receive an email asking them to sign up for an account. After signing up on NDAX, the recipient will conditionally receive their crypto gift, meaning they will NOT be able to buy, sell, deposit or withdraw the funds.

To gain full control of the funds, the recipient will have to verify their identity. If the recipient does not meet the above requirements and/or does not complete the verification process, the funds will be returned to you, the sender. Are you looking to send the perfect Holiday Gift?

Getting started with NDAX is easy: Sign up and send your first crypto gift this holiday season!