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How to Earn Free Bitcoin

Oct 26, 2020
byNDAX Labs

Investing and trading are a crucial part of our earning portfolio. The saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” especially applies here. Apart from stocks and bonds, cryptocurrencies are also a smart form of investment.

You might think that buying Bitcoin is difficult now since its value is touching the sky, but here we have few ways where we will show you how to earn cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, as your passive income.



Free Bitcoin by Mining

Bitcoin mining used to be a rewarding task in its initial days where you could mine Bitcoin using your home computer. Lately, it requires expensive computer parts and large processing power to mine difficult algorithms. But, if you are technologically inclined, it's a great way to earn free bitcoin.

That said, you don’t have to be a miner to own bitcoin and other cryptocurrency tokens. The primary reason for mining Bitcoin is the prospect of being rewarded with valuable Bitcoin tokens.

If you are wondering how to earn bitcoin without mining, you can also buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies on cryptocurrency exchanges like NDAX.



Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs are a remarkable way to earn a side income, some businesses will reward you for bringing new users to their platform with free Bitcoin. The great part is you dont actually have to be an active trader on an exchange to earn cryptocurrency for referring friends -- all you have to do is share your affiliate link.

With NDAX, all you have to do is share your affiliate link, once a user you refer signs up and deposit $100 you will earn free Bitcoin and a recurring commission based on your tier. Click here to learn more.

Successful affiliate partners write product reviews and other content on Bitcoin Reddit forms, Facebook, Twitter, community forums and blogs to help promote and advertise our trading platform.


Tier 1 - Avid User : 0-10 users | Give $10, get $10 | Commission: 10%

As an NDAX member, you will automatically be an NDAX Avid user and will get paid $10 for each friend you refer to NDAX and a 10% commission.


Tier 2 - Ambassador: 11 –20 users | Give $10, get $15 | Commission: 20%

Once you refer over 10-users to NDAX, you will become an NDAX Ambassador. As an NDAX Ambassador, you will receive $15 for each of the 10-20 users that you refer to NDAX and a 20% commission.


Tier 3 - Partner: 21+ users   |   Give $10, get $25   |   Commission: 30%

Once you hit the 20-user mark, you will make $25 for every user you refer and a 30% commission!




Another way to earn cryptocurrency is by staking. It is a less resource-intensive alternative to mining where the funds are kept in a suitable wallet and performs various network functions to receive staking rewards.

To learn more about Staking, visit our Medium blog: ETH 2.0: How It Works and Why It Matters



Content Creation Platforms

The advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has enabled various types of content platforms. In such a system, content creators can monetize attention in some way. It may take some time to create an audience, but it will generate a steady source of income in the long run. Some of the ways to earn Bitcoin online are through online shopping and taking surveys.



Now that you have learned how to earn free Bitcoin, it is time you find a safe way to store your Bitcoin holdings. If you are a Canadian, NDAX is a safe and secure Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. Open your account in three easy steps and manage your earnings.