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Ledger Vault - A trusted cryptocurrency security solution

Oct 05, 2020
byNDAX Labs

Ledger Vault - A trusted cryptocurrency security solution

Since launching in 2018, NDAX has been taking measures to build a strong reputation through security. To improve the security of our exchange, on April 29, 2019, NDAX announced its official partnership with Ledger Vault, the global standard in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies, to offer an institutional custody solution for the crypto assets supported on our trading platform.

The goal of the partnership was to launch a trusted, reliable and flexible custody solution for Canadians looking to buy, sell and store their cryptocurrency.



This solution provides these main benefits:


Benefits for retail and institutional clients:

  • • Over 90% of crypto assets are held in a Ledger Vault; a multi-signature cold storage solution that brings a higher level of governance, security and transparency when managing crypto assets
  • • Multiple approvals from the members of our senior management team are required to transfer funds out of cold storage, which is secured by Ledger Vault technology. This measure protects from internal threats

Benefits for institutional clients:

  • • Access to segregated crypto-asset accounts with multi-signature technology – allowing institutions to own control of their private keys
  • • Customer private keys stored in isolation protected by an enhanced governance framework, reducing custodial risk
  • • Hardware Security Module (HSM) with true N-signature access, giving predetermined legal and accounting firms access as additional key holders in case of emergency
  • • Fully operational cold storage and liquidity management


About Ledger Vault


Ledger Vault is a core business unit of Ledger, a leader in security for cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications. Leveraging Ledger's industry-leading and independently-certified security technology, the Ledger Vault provides information technology infrastructure for financial institutions to securely control their crypto assets with a multi-authorization self-custody management solution. With a global team of more than 200 professionals, Ledger develops a variety of products and services that safeguard crypto assets for individuals, companies and connected devices. Founded in 2014, the company has offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong and San Francisco.

For more information about the Ledger Vault, visit www.ledger.com/pages/ledger-vault.



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