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Monday Market Report | Nov 14 - 20, 2022

Nov 21, 2022
byNDAX Labs

📢 Weekly TL;DR

• BTC price stayed relatively stable amidst the uncertainty, ETH less so

• The GOP took control of the House, increasing the likelihood of swift crypto regulation and clarity for the industry

📻 Crypto News


• Startup Arkon Energy Raises $28M to Further Expand Into Green Mining – CoinDesk

• Matter Labs Raises $200M to Scale Ethereum With zkSync Solution – Decrypt

• $138B investment manager Man Group to launch crypto hedge fund – CoinTelegraph


• Dollar Cost Averaging Would Have Saved El Salvador $18M – Blockworks

• Bitcoin Holds Steady Over $16K Amid Widening FTX Fallout – CoinDesk


• Grayscale Hoping for SEC Win, Others Say GBTC Needs To Act Faster - Blockworks

• Republicans win control of House of Representatives: Crypto Regulation - The Block

📝 Moves

BTC  CA $21,734 +2.84%

ETH  CA $1,512  -3.06%

LTC  CA $81.78 +13.01%

XRP  CA $0.48  +11.10%

HBAR  CA $0.06 +7.80%

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*As of 11/21/2022 1:00 AM EST

📊 Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Following another week of fear and uncertainty in crypto markets, bitcoin continued trading sideways–and even eked out a new price range between CAD$21.5K and CAD$23K.

But recent events have battered the industry, inflicting damage that only time and a slow, gradual rebuilding of trust can begin to heal. But heal it will.

So, what are the silver linings here?

  • Regulatory clarity is sure to come sooner than later.
  • Market participants have witnessed firsthand the risks inherent to crypto lending platforms and entrusting one’s keys to the wrong custodian.
  • The industry will demand higher standards of its participants, as well as safeguards to ensure them.

Again, we are reminded why bitcoin was invented in the first place.

- Yours in the #Hodl

📈 Bitcoin Technical Analysis

• In the wake of FTX induced panic and contagion, Bitcoin held its own.

• Current resistance levels: $24,500 - $26,000

• Current support levels: $22,000 - $21,000

📰 What We’re Reading

• The Challenges of Bitcoin Adoption Aren’t Stopping Salvadorans – Bitcoin Magazine

• 'Hyperbitcoinization' Coming to an Emerging Market Near You, Ray Youssef - CoinDesk

🎙️ What We’re Streaming

• Michael Saylor on #Bitcoin and #Crypto in the wake of #FTX Collapse – Coin Stories w/ Natalie Brunell

• THE US FED & TREASURY NEED BITCOIN W/ LUKE MIKIC - The Investors Podcast – Bitcoin Fundamentals w/ Preston Pysh

• The Week On-chain: FTX Fallout and the Rise of Self-Custody - Glassnode – Onchain Analysis

📅 Events

• Dec 14th – FOMC Interest Rate Decision

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