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New NDAX Bitcoin Withdrawal Options and Fee Schedule

May 14, 2024
byNDAX Labs

We've been working on this for quite some time and we’re so very proud to announce a suite of new enhanced Bitcoin withdrawal options designed to provide you with more choice, flexibility, and transparency when moving your Bitcoin into self-custody. 

At NDAX, we're committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of our user-base. Whether you're an active trader prioritizing speed, a long-term hodler focused on cost-efficiency, or someone who simply values having these options, we've got you covered. 


Introducing Your New Bitcoin Withdrawal Options: 

1. Express Withdrawal: For users who prioritize speed above all else, the Express Withdrawal option is the way to go. With the highest priority in the queue, your transaction will process instantly, and will ‘Sat’ you back 0.000299 ₿ (or 29,900 SATS—reduced from 39,000 SATS, or 0.000399 ₿.) 

2. Standard Withdrawal: Balancing cost and speed, the Standard Withdrawal option is ideal for those who want a reliable middle-ground. Your transactions will typically be processed within 4 hours, ensuring a reasonable wait time with lower fees. (0.000149 ₿ or 14,900 SATS, to be specific.) 

3. Free Flex Withdrawal: The budget-conscious option, Flex Withdrawals are perfect for those willing to wait up to 12 hours to move their Bitcoin off the platform. Best of all, this option is completely free, making it ideal for those looking to minimize costs... And officially making NDAX the least expensive platform in Canada to acquire—and take self-custody of—your Bitcoin.  

 But what if your needs change mid-transaction?  

No problem! Our new options include the ability as you're processing your withdrawal on the fly, to "Speed It Up". So for example if you've set your usual withdrawal option to the Flex Withdrawal but today you need your funds sooner, no problem: You can easily “Speed It Up” and upgrade to the Express option as you execute the withdrawal. 

Choose the withdrawal method that suits your needs, set it and forget it, and we’ll handle the rest. With these new options, you'll have the flexibility to access your funds exactly when you need them, how you need them, without sacrificing cost, speed or security.  

Here’s how to withdraw your BTC using our new methods:  

  • Log in 
  • Choose BTC 
  • Select withdraw 
  • Choose the Bitcoin network to direct your withdrawal to (BTC or BEP20) 
  • On the Withdraw Bitcoin screen, select your Withdrawal Method (Express, Standard or Flex).   
  • Enter your destination wallet address and the amount of BTC to be sent.  
  • Agree to the disclaimer, then click “Send BTC”.  
  • Enter your 2FA code from your authentication app.  
  • Check your email inbox. We will send you an email to confirm the withdrawal. 
  • Click the link in that email to confirm the withdrawal.  

To learn more about these new withdrawal options and how to take advantage of them, check out our detailed help page/guide

Ready to try it out?  

Simply log in to your NDAX account today and initiate a Bitcoin withdrawal to take your crypto into self-custody using your preferred withdrawal option! 

As always, our support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about these new features. 

How much money will this save you over time? We encourage you to do your own math. Compare us with other platforms you may be using and see the difference for yourself.  

Remember, we don’t have deposit fees and our spread charge is a rock bottom 0.2%. 

Welcome to the future of crypto withdrawals – tailored to your needs, transparent, and now with more choice than ever before. 


Your support team at NDAX 

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