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The 10 Hottest Supercars you can buy with Bitcoin

Nov 15, 2019
byNDAX Labs

The 10 Hottest Supercars you can buy with Bitcoin

Some investors and traders made millions of dollars stemming from early investments in Bitcoin.

It is not hard to understand why, as the price of Bitcoin in Canadian Dollars reached a high of $25,830.44 in December 2017 after initially selling at a price that was only a fraction of a cent. As a result, a new class of crypto wealthy emerged. As time passes, the number of ways and places to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has grown dramatically.

In recent years a number of high-end car dealerships have specialized in selling the world’s best supercars while also offering customers the option to pay with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. One example of a prominent online supercar dealership where cryptocurrency can be used a method of payment is Autocoincars.com. Auto Coin Cars allows clients to make purchases using both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Purchases can also be made in the form of the website’s own digital asset, known as AutoCoin.

Allowing clients to pay in cryptocurrency has the potential to open up entirely new markets for online supercar dealerships. Many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be bought and sold in any region of the world. Some of the more remote areas of the world might not have previously had access to physical locations and dealerships specializing in supercars or an established local market where supercars can be bought or sold. As a result, accepting crypto online can help merchants boost sales internationally, offering a new platform for buyers and sellers of supercars to meet and make transactions. Transactions using digital assets also have the advantage of being faster and more secure for both the buyers and sellers in a transaction, making crypto an ideal choice to be used as payment in the sale of supercars internationally.

Cryptocurrency has the advantage of offering nearly instantaneous transactions, often completing transactions at a very low cost compared to traditional financial instruments and institutions. The benefits of using cryptocurrency extend even further when conducting transactions that involve making payments that cross borders, or in the past, might have required the use of domestic/fiat currencies to settle transactions. Potentially generating high fees and other expenses charged when making foreign exchange transactions.

Accepting cryptocurrencies as a method of payment can also help significantly reduce the possibility of fraudulent transactions, such as someone purchasing a supercar with a stolen credit card. Using cryptocurrency as a method of payment also provides buyers and sellers a high degree of anonymity, a distinct advantage in the supercar industry where many of the clients are high-net-worth individuals and possibly even celebrities.

In this blog, we take a look at the top ten hottest supercars that can be bought with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online.

1) McLaren Senna

Ƀ165.599= $2,041,071.19 (BTC to CAD)

$2,041,071.19 (BTC to CAD)

2) McLaren P1

Ƀ 145.04700= $1,787,759.91 (BTC to CAD)

$1,787,759.91 (BTC to CAD)

3) Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII SWB

Ƀ 68.630275= $845,894.46 (BTC to CAD)

$845,894.46 (BTC to CAD)

4) Lamborghini Aventador 6.5 V12 Superveloce Jota 4WD    

Ƀ 58.650= $722,883.75 (BTC to CAD)

$722,883.75 (BTC to CAD)

5)  Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ƀ 53.613546= $660,807.52 (BTC to CAD)

$660,807.52 (BTC to CAD)

6) Rolls-Royce Ghost

Ƀ 50.679720= $624,646.99 (BTC to CAD)

$624,646.99 (BTC to CAD)

7) Aston Martin Vengenace

Ƀ 34.499= $425,213.41 (BTC to CAD)

$425,213.41 (BTC to CAD)

8) Bentley Continental 6.0 GT Auto 4x4 2dr

Ƀ 33.117= $408,179.73 (BTC to CAD)

$408,179.73 (BTC to CAD)

9) McLaren 600LT

Ƀ 23.997= $295,772.23 (BTC to CAD)

$295,772.23 (BTC to CAD)

10) Ferrari LaFerrari

Ƀ 167.45=  $1,940,147.38 (BTC to CAD)

$1,940,147.38 (BTC to CAD)

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