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VeChain, China & the CCPs 2022-23 Web3 Pivot to Encourage Crypto Development: Part I

Feb 01, 2024
byNDAX Labs

Part 1: Crypto and China

VeChain, a cutting-edge blockchain platform known for its focus on supply chain management, is making waves in the tech world. With its roots in Shanghai, one of the bustling hubs of business and technology development in China, VeChain's eyes are set firmly on revolutionizing how goods and services are maintained and managed across supply chains.

China is renowned across the globe as a powerhouse of the shipping industry and manufacturing. Intriguingly enough, it might not be general knowledge to all, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has issued a ban on crypto in recent years. So it begs the question: Why would the CCP be seen mingling with the prospects of a crypto project? That's an excellent question – one that we will answer throughout this blog post.

China finding common ground with VeChain is more than exciting. It's potentially transformative at both global and local dimensions. The implications span from macroeconomic impacts to nuanced shifts within local industries. This article will explore this burgeoning relationship. What does it mean for China? How does VeChain fit into China's bigger narrative? And most importantly, what could this connection mean for crypto/blockchain development?

VeChain's Presence in China

Transforming the virtual into reality, the offices of VeChain are situated amidst the hustle and bustle of Shanghai, China. This close proximity has facilitated a potent partnership between VeChain and several eminent Chinese enterprises. It's been an orchestration of intellect, technology, and resources. Leading this alliance are two stalwarts: Dr.Peter Zhou, Chief Scientist of VeChain, and Dr.Zhijie Ren, Senior Blockchain Researcher. Their technical expertise was instrumental in shaping Shanghai's blockchain standard.

Key moments in this journey include February 1st, 2022 when the Certification Standard for Blockchain Service was officially deemed effective by joint efforts of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Market Supervision and the Shanghai Certification Association. This milestone expedited the development of blockchain-enabled services across Shanghai.

VeChain's scope spans across industries, too. The platform has successfully provided blockchain-based supply chain solutions to various enterprises within Chinese territory. It extended its influence as far out as Singapore. VeChain has kickstarted and nurtured collaborations within the Chinese market that have resulted in remarkable success stories.

Here are a few notable ones:

Walmart China

Joining forces with VeChain led Walmart China on an impressive path toward revolutionizing supply chain management. All while building reliable customer trust via blockchain initiatives. An expanded agreement further endorsed this relationship, allowing for more products and categories to be covered under their mutual venture.

Moving away from traditional models, VeChain brings a more transparent and trustworthy method for ensuring product quality to consumers. In this partnership, Walmart China takes advantage of VeChain's proprietary toolchain suite, which allows it to track products across their entire lifecycle. Each phase, right from production and packaging to logistics and delivery at retail stores, is recorded on the blockchain. It creates an immutable audit trail that cannot be tampered with.

The mutually beneficial alliance has seen such substantial success that it has led to additional deals being signed between the two parties. Aiming to extend its impact on customer trust, Walmart decided to expand VeChain's services for more products and categories. The goal here is simple but profound: instilling faith in consumers about the origins of their purchases and revolutionizing supply chain management using blockchain as a pivotal tool.

China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance

Another significant evidence of VeChain's prominent presence in China is its collaboration with the prestigious China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance (CAFA). As a council member of this national alliance, VeChain facilitates the community with its proprietary blockchain toolchain suite, leveraging its benefits for food traceability.

Since its inception, CAFA is proud to have onboarded over 130 official members. Comprising a broad spectrum of hefty companies and organizations from every stage of the food industry supply chain, it's an alliance that commands considerable influence.

Through adopting the VeChain ToolChain, all enterprises who are members of the alliance can document key stages of food products on blockchain technology securely. The inherent immutability of data on blockchain tech provides a bridge of trust between consumers and enterprises. It equally secures transparency and credibility at every stage - from cultivation, processing, and packaging to transportation and retail.

China's Stance on Blockchain and Technology

On the grand chessboard of global technology, China's position is firm. The country is vociferously advocating for blockchain technology's adoption across sectors. Yet, this enthusiasm somewhat conflicts with Beijing's recent restriction on global crypto networks. While promoting next-generation monetary technology versions that provide more governmental control to the Chinese Communist Party, they are suppressing decentralized crypto systems – a paradoxical and seemingly insidious conundrum.

The challenge lies within the nature of blockchain itself. A technological marvel known for its decentralization, blockchain stands as a product of freedom beyond direct control. It's an innovation that promises transparency and unedited truth. However, this open-ended nature may bode in conflict with government censorship modalities and general efforts to maintain cyber sovereignty.

Initially intended to be decentralized, Chinese regulations have circumvented this aspect by ensuring that control always stems back to state jurisdiction over its development and application. Consequently, Hong Kong regulators are persuading large banks in the region to deliver banking services to crypto exchanges. That's a complete reverse situation from their U.S. counterparts, who are wary about the legal status around their participation in the crypto industry.

Tune in next week to learn more about this exciting project.

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