Ndax x Hummingbot: Partnership announcement for advanced market makers


As we continue to build Canada’s most advanced crypto platform providing tighter spreads and the best prices for Canadians, Ndax is thrilled to make another big leap forward.

Today, we announce our partnership with Hummingbot, one of the world’s leaders in open-source software to build and run customizable trading strategies. By partnering with Hummingbot, Ndax clients will be able to easily set up, connect to, and automate trading on our platform.

Powerful trading tools for all Ndaxers

Through its connectors with some of the world’s largest centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges, Hummingbot provides an easy-to-use command line interface that lets users configure, customize, and run automated bots and strategies.

Other benefits include highly customizable, built-in trading strategies and templates, including Avellaneda market-making and arbitrage strategies.

Kicking off our first competition

With our Hummingbot integration, we will also be launching the first of many crypto trading competitions shortly. Through Hummingbot and Ndax’s API, our clients will be able to become high-volume, high-frequency traders, and participate in trading competitions to earn monetary rewards and benefit from lower trading fee structures.  

Our first trading competition open to all Canadians verified on Ndax, will kick off in the coming weeks. This initial trading competition will reward top traders by overall volume across all trading pairs on Ndax with an exciting prize pool to be won.

By offering the best-in-class tools that easily sync with our platform and trading pairs, Ndax is also one step closer to launching its own VIP program for market makers. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more on how traders on Ndax can benefit from lower trading fees, top-tier service, and exclusive rewards.

To access Ndax’s trading API credentials, check out this article.

To get started with Hummingbot, check out their quick start guides and docs.