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Monday Market Report | Oct 31 - Nov 6, 2022

Nov 07, 2022
byNDAX Labs

📢 Weekly TL;DR

• The US Economy gained 261K jobs in October--30% more than the expected 200K

•  The Fed & the BoE, as expected, hiked rates by 75pbs each (0.75%)

•  Stocks and Bonds: “Sooo… What do we do now?

•  New Bitcoin and Ether support levels held strong

•  Printed 8-week Highs

•  Elon tackled Twitter; Began Layoffs

•  Doge *gasp* doubled. (Up an additional 50% 🤷)

📻 Crypto News


•  WalletConnect raises $12.5 million to build 'web3 communications network' – The Block

•  Evmos, Connector of Cosmos and Ethereum, Raises $27M - CoinDesk

•  MATIC Rally Gathers Speed as Meta Announces Polygon-Powered NFTs, Chart Signals Golden Cross - CoinDesk


•  DeFi advocates push back against FTX-backed crypto bill – The Block

•  Bankruptcy top of mind as miners confront market downturn – The Block


•  Project Cedar: NY Fed Launches Effort To Design Wholesale CBDC - Blockworks

•  Canada Moves To Protect Financial Sector From Crypto ‘Challenges’ - Blockworks

📝 Moves

•  BTC CA $28,208 +0.74%

•  ETH CA $2,157  -1.21%

🔼 TOP GAINERS this week*

•  MATIC CA $1.62 +33.13%

•  LTC CA $97.08 +28.55%

•  ALGO CA $0.56 +13.64%

🔽 TOP LOSERS this week*

•  SAND CA $1.15 -5.80%

•  DOGE CA $0.16 -4.45%

•  COMP CA $66.80 -3.26%

*As of 11/6/2022 12:00 AM EST

📊 Cryptocurrency Market Overview

It was an up week in crypto markets. But the same can unfortunately not be said of the largest equity indices (which ended the week down), bonds or–for that matter–Bitcoin Miners, who have been under tremendous pressure. (TL;DR: With bitcoin hash rates at ATHs while energy costs soar; profit margins for miners are slim pickings). Indeed, some industry analysts warn the pain main not be over: This week one of the world’s largest bitcoin miners (Core Scientific) announced they were in trouble and looking at their options.

Yet, hodlers continue to demonstrate their willingness to serve as buyers of last resort. And as most of bitcoin’s ‘realized-losses’ on chain indicate fewer and fewer coins at a loss, as well as new daily bitcoin address numbers developing momentum, the only question is… Will they be there to buy the (whole) dip if there is a miner capitulation event?

Meanwhile on Twitter, in response to Sam Bankman-Fried’s thread/proposal on DeFi regulation (which has garnered a lot of attention–mostly negative–from the community), Vitalik has chimed in with some of his own ideas around industry self-regulation.

We hope you had a spooky Halloween! That day, the bitcoin whitepaper turned 14. And moody teenager that they are, still shining through the curiosity and promise of a long and fruitful life. Here’s to 14 more years–nay, generations!--of sound, reliable and incorruptible money.

- Yours in the #Hodl

📈 Bitcoin Technical Analysis

•  Bitcoin valiantly maintained its (apparent) new price floor of $27.5K

•  BTC spent much of the week up around or above $28K

•  Current resistance levels: $29,500 - $31,500 - $40,500

•  Current support levels: $27,500 - $26,000 - $25,000

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📅 Events

•  Nov 4th – US Non-Farm Payrolls

•  Nov 10th – Consumer Price Index

•  Dec 14th – FOMC Interest Rate Decision

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